How to buy $GLMR (Moonbeam) tokens

How to buy $GLMR (Moonbeam) tokens

To purchase Moonbeam tokens you will need to start on a centralized exchange (CEX) where the ticker is $GLMR. This can be purchased using stable coin pairs such as GLMR/USDT  on the various exchanges.

The main exchanges to purchase GLMR on are:

Step by step: Kucoin

Step 1: Make sure you have USDT on Kucoin

This can be done by either depositing FIAT currency onto the exchange and trading it for USDT, or trading one of your other coins for USDT

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Trade’ tab on Kucoin

Step 3: Click 'Spot Trading'

Step 4: On the trading screen, search for 'GLMR/USDT'

Step 5: Purchase GLMR using USDT by using a market order

Step 6: Send GLMR to your MetaMask wallet

Copy your wallet address on MetaMask and then withdraw it to that wallet address.

Step 7: Stake your GLMR

Learn how to stake your GLMR here.


It is important to move your GLMR to MetaMask once you have purchased it so that you can start staking it to compound your investment returns.

If you haven't done so already, check out our staking + analytics dashboard at